The recent Institute for Global Business Research Conference in Las Vegas was a great success. It marked the first official conference hosted by the IGBR, and we received a great deal of praise from those who attended. Everyone I heard from had very enjoyable sessions, and several indicated they had the best session ever experienced at a conference. There was a great deal of enthusiasm in the air, and many new friendships were made. As I mentioned at the awards dinner, JoAnn Carland’s vision lives on in this new organization. Her legacy of providing a supportive environment where collegial communication is maintained, is alive and well in the IGBR, thanks in large part to our dedicated President, Vice President and Board of Directors. They are committed to ensuring the conferences and journals embody that compassionate spirit that moves us all.

We weren’t sure how many people to expect since the IGBR is a relatively new organization with journals that are still under review by Cabell’s, but I was delighted to see that we had almost 50 registrants! That’s very good for our first time out, and I expect more people will turn out for the Spring conference in New Orleans (April 4-6, 2018). We are also hopeful to receive some favorable news from Cabell’s in the coming months and will be sure to keep you up to date on that.

Here are some photos from the awards dinner. Please feel free to post comments about your experience with the IGBR conference.

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