Building Business Resilience and Sustainability

Call for Abstracts and Papers
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Submission Deadlines:

Abstracts (300 words):  December 31, 2020
Draft submission:  February 13, 2021
Final paper (3000-5000 words): March 22, 2021

GJE Special Issue Co-Editors:

Dr. Victor S. Sohmen
Dr. Denise V. Siegfeldt
Dr. Marty Ludlum

COVID-19 has disrupted the continuity of small, for-profit business organizations and has wreaked havoc on them in unexpected ways. Supply chains have been disrupted, cash reserves have been depleted, customer service operations have been hindered, and employee behaviors and attitudes have changed. Many small businesses were already short in liquidity before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and they were not prepared to weather the crisis. Indeed, many of them have already shuttered their doors.

Despite the disruption due to the COVID-19 onslaught, there is hope. The Pandemic has provided small business organizations with a unique opportunity to navigate through the crisis—and with some knowledge and ingenuity, to reinvent their businesses in ways that would enable their operations to become more resilient in the future. Likewise, existing, new, and aspiring entrepreneurs have been gifted with a fertile environment for new and renewed business startups that can be (re)designed to maintain continuity in operations, and to mitigate risks. Many of these small business startups have evolved and are adapting in unforeseen ways because of the crisis.

SCOPE: This Special Issue of the Global Journal of Entrepreneurship (“Building Business Resilience and Sustainability”) will be dedicated to articles focused on existing and prospective small, for-profit business organizations, and strategies that can be used to create continuity in operations and to mitigate risks to their operations in the future.

Theoretical, empirical, or applied research papers and case studies are sought that would be of value to businesses, academicians, and practicing entrepreneurs.

Topics of interest in the Pandemic climate include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Local and global supply chain disruptions
  • Liquidity and bankruptcy issues
  • Continuity with customer service
  • Advertising, marketing, and the social media
  • Inventory management
  • Change management
  • Employee management and retention
  • Technological innovation and disruptions
  • Transportation and logistics efficiencies
  • New business start-ups taking advantage of the Pandemic
  • Regulatory changes in the Pandemic environment

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