We at the Institute for Global Business Research would like to send our well wishes to all of those who are experiencing hardships during the current pandemic. It has been a time of challenges as well as opportunities for growth for everyone on the planet and we hope you and your loved ones are doing well, staying healthy and enjoying some personal growth as well.

As you may know, the IGBR had to move its recent Spring conference to an online event. We used Zoom to host the sessions so that participants could still present their papers live in front of a group of their fellow researchers. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome and we had a great deal of positive feedback from the participants. Though we missed seeing one another in person and having the informal conversations that often take place between sessions, it was a great success. We thank all of those who participated for their willingness to adapt to the online format.

Below is a list of award winners from the conference. We also hosted our awards ceremony live via Zoom and were able to present the awards virtually and celebrate the achievements of our colleagues in real time. If you were a part of the conference, feel free to share your experience via a blog comment.

Distinguished Research Awards

Nick Saban – A Case Study for Recruitment Methods and Application of Tuckman’s Model of Team Development
Ashley Hildebrandt, West Texas A&M University
Jackie Marr, West Texas A&M University

The Persistence of The IS-LM Model In Intermediate Macroeconomics Textbooks
Richard Taylor, Arkansas State University
Jerry Crawford, Arkansas State University

Teaching Entrepreneurship as Art, Science and Craft: Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Align Perspective and Course Content
Stephen C. Betts, William Paterson University
Vincent Vicari, Bergen County Small Business Development Center

Corporate Bankruptcy Prediction Model for Internet Startup Companies
C. Christopher Lee, Central Connecticut State University
Benjamin Bae, California State University, Bakersfield

How difficult is it to Fill Manufacturing Positions? A Cross-Sectional Assessment of Survey Results
Murat Arik, Middle Tennessee State University
Kristie Abston, Middle Tennessee State University
Sam Zaza, Middle Tennessee State University

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and Hospital Profitability
C. Christopher Lee, Central Connecticut State University
Casey Foster, Central Connecticut State University
Hassan Khan, Central Connecticut State University
Faizan Zaidi, Central Connecticut State University
Samantha Chaleun-Aloun, Central Connecticut State University

Top Management Team Diversity in Financial Services – The Influence of Functional and Demographic Diversity on Firm Financial Performance
John Ratzan, Pace University
Theresa Lant, Pace University

Institute for Global Business Research Fellow Award

These individuals have been supporters and ambassadors of the IGBR. They have encouraged attendance at the conferences, worked as Referees and Advocates, and taken on extra duties on behalf of the organization. They have been great friends and colleagues, and are clearly worthy of Fellow status.

Murat Arik, Middle Tennessee State University
Robert Hatfield, Western Kentucky University
M. Meral Anitsal, Tennessee Tech University

JoAnn C. Carland Distinguished Service Award

Dr. JoAnn C. Carland was a scholar, researcher, and educator with a vision to support researchers from teaching universities. She was a scholar in the field of entrepreneurship and was one of the most cited authors in that field. She was the founder and president of an academic organization with a mission to encourage research with a collegial atmosphere and supportive culture. JoAnn modeled this because she always was the most encouraging participant at any conference. The IGBR was founded on these same core values. The IGBR board created this award in the memory of JoAnn Carland. This award is bestowed on individuals who have provided unwavering support and dedication to the IGBR mission.

Stephen Betts, William Paterson University

Martin S. Bressler Distinguished Researcher Award

Dr. Martin Bressler was the founding President of the IGBR. He is a leader in both business education and research. Martin is a respected professor and distinguished researcher in the field of entrepreneurship. The IGBR benefited greatly from his guidance and wisdom. He is a man of integrity and character. The IGBR board dedicates this award to Martin Bressler. This award is bestowed on individuals who have distinguished themselves in business research and education.

Martin S. Bressler, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

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